Expand your horizons with robots in logistics

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If you’re stuck in the mindset of robots in assembly lines and manufacturing processes, it’s time to expand your horizons. With increasing consumer demand for fast order fulfillment, many companies now recognize that robots can improve their supply chain and logistics operations as well. And that’s opening up new opportunities for robotics distributors and integrators.

Toshiba Machine robots are ideal for these types of applications, and we’ve highlighted specifics below to help you dive in and win some of these opportunities. Let me know if there’s anything else that would help you succeed with TM Robotics. You can reach me directly at ryan@tmrobotics.com--I’m eager to hear from you.


Ryan Guthrie
Executive Vice President
TM Robotics (Americas) Inc

APRIL 03-06, 2017

You don’t want to miss Automate 2017! Make sure it’s in your plans, and encourage your prospects to join you to see exciting Toshiba Machine robot demos in person.

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Application Spotlight: Logistics

A Toshiba Machine TH1050A-Z SCARA robot is at the heart of a new intelligent box opening device (IBOD) designed in partnership with Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI). The new system, available in two models, can function at various cutting speeds and controls the length and depth of the cut, including a three- or four-sided cut. Customers love the speed, reliability, and flexibility of these systems—and that they’re able to save workers from box-cutting injuries.

The IBOD could be an ideal solution for one of your prospects—or it could be the example that helps you prompt a similar partnership. Selling robots isn’t just about automating your customer’s processes—it could just as easily be about helping them create a winning new product with a Toshiba Machine robot inside.


Competitive Spotlight: Collaborative Robots

With all the hype about collaborative robots (cobots), it’s easy for prospects to be confused—or to think that cobots are their best or only option for automation. We’ve developed a sales “battle card” for you to use to address those concerns.  

You can log into the membership area of the TM Robotics web site to download this short, competitive analysis, “The Right Robot for Every Job: Let’s Put Industrial and Collaborative Robots in their Places.” The paper describes the differences between these technologies and explains where each fits into a company’s automation plans. You can find it in the "White Papers" section.

Some highlights include:

Pros and cons for both collaborative and industrial robots to help identify the right applications for each.
Sample applications that show each type of robot in a real-life situation.
Potential objections and responses to help prospects understand the real costs and advantages of each type of robot, and to help you identify the best prospects for a fully automated solution.

TSPC Makes Programming a Breeze

You or your customers can easily simulate a robotic program offline and run it through its paces—complete with 3D visualization of the robot in motion—without interrupting the production line. All Toshiba Machine Robots come with our TSPC software that simulates the robot’s program and calculates cycle times. This is also a great tool for you to use to calculate payback time for a project. See our TSPC video for more details on how to use this powerful yet easy tool.


Product Focus: THL1200 SCARA

The THL1200 is the latest of Toshiba Machine’s line of cost-effective THL series SCARA robots, with a longer reach of 1.2 m. The THL1200 is ideal for end-of-line packing and machine loading/unloading applications. With multiple robots, the THL1200’s wider working envelope of up to 4.5 m2 (48 sq ft) means that machines can be spaced farther apart for easier maintenance.

The THL1200 datasheet is available for download. (And don’t forget, your customers can double the payload without doubling cost with the broad line of THA series SCARA robots, with arms to meet nearly any application requirement. The largest SCARA in our range is the TH1200A, which has an unprecedented payload capacity of 20Kgs).