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What’s your experience of robotics software?

Complicated and difficult to program? We’re not surprised.
Robotics software doesn’t always get the best reputation and, historically, it has been notoriously complex. But don’t fret. Things have changed.

This month, we’ve been introducing our distributors to Toshiba Machine’s TSAssist, that’s Toshiba Machine’s latest programming tool for automation, planning, design and improvement.
According to the Global Manufacturing Report 2017, two thirds of manufacturers are implementing Industry 4.0 technologies or are planning to do so this year. TSAssist is a step up from the standard TSPC programming software, so it’s ideal for customers on an Industry 4.0 journey.

But, we’ll spare you the technical details until later.
We’ve also been supporting the launch of Toshiba Machine’s latest 3D vision system, TSVision3D. The software was designed so that absolutely anyone can understand and use it, offering a simpler bin-picking solution to companies in industries such as food preparation, pharmaceutical and order fulfilment.

Software isn’t always simple. Feel free to give the TM Robotics team a call if you would like more information. Otherwise, you can find more details below.

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Software is the driver of the smart factory

With more customers interested in Industry 4.0 technologies, it’s vital that you understand how programming software could help them achieve their Industry 4.0 goals.

TSAssist software is the latest programming tool from Toshiba Machine. The software holds everything in one place — interference checking, cycle time measurement and 3D CAD manipulation.

The entire package has been designed about usability, but don’t just take our word for it.

If you’re interested in downloading a TSAssist datasheet, witnessing a demonstration of the software, or would like some guidance of how to explain its capabilities to your customers, get in touch today.


3D imaging for automated bin-picking

One of the main challenges of vision software is that it cannot be adapted easily to recognise multiple items in one bin. TSVision3D doesn’t have this issue.

TSVision3D uses two high-speed cameras to continuously capture 3D images. The system processes the images to identify the exact position of an item and determine the most logical order to pick them, with sub-millimetre accuracy.

Interested? We’ve written a free, downloadable white paper on the capabilities of TSVision3D and uploaded a video of the software in action on the TM Robotics YouTube channel.

That said, if you have any additional questions, you know where we are.