What’s happening at MACH 2018?

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Pack your bags, we’re heading to Birmingham (exotic, we know).
With MACH 2018 just around the corner, we’re busy preparing for the launch of our latest robot selection, the TVM 6-axis range.

The last show was attended by 25,627 visitors and provides an ideal place to showcase our latest fares in automation and robotics.
We’ll be supporting RARUK Automation, at stand H19-238, where we’ll be demonstrating how easily Toshiba Machine’s robots integrate with other components of automated processes — like how our SCARA range can match with the FlexiBowl® to automate processes in food, pharma and automotive.

Most importantly though, we’re launching the TVM 6-axis robot range.
It’s a cost-effective, vertically articulated series that is designed to suit a range of industries — but more on that later.

For now, if you would like more information, photographs or datasheets on the machinery we will be showcasing, contact the team on +44 (0) 1707 2903370.

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Nigel Smith

TM Robotics (Europe) Ltd
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Welwyn Garden City,
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Phone: +44 (0) 1707 290370
Email: sales@tmrobotics.co.uk



All about the TVM range

MACH 2018 marks the reveal of our latest vertically articulated robot series, the TVM range. There’s three models in the new selection, each with a varying reach and payload. Here’s the lowdown.

The largest, the TVM1500, boasts a maximum reach of 1715mm and manages a payload of 10kg. The mid-sized version, the TVM1200 provides a 1418mm reach and a 15kg payload. Finally, the TVM900, the smallest of the bunch — but by no means the least impressive —can manage a reach of 1124mm and boasts a maximum payload of 20kg.

The new models provide a longer arm length than previous six-axis models and it’s operating range can be expanded by mounting the robot on an optional linear actuator.

As with all our robots, all the details can be found online, but you’re welcome to give us a call for an informal chat if you have any extra questions.

You can reach a member of the TM Robotics team here.



Controller compatibility

Investing in the new TVM range doesn’t mean you need a complete systems overhaul. The entire range provides hardware compatibility with other Toshiba Machine equipment — that includes our software packages, like TSVision3D and TSAssist.

What’s more, all three of the TVM models are compatible with the same robot controller, Toshiba Machine’s TSL3200, which is programmed in SCOL (that’s a programming language similar to basic).

If you’re concerned about compatibility, one of our experts will be able to help. If you’re attending MACH, drop by the booth to find out more about the TVM range.

Or, if you can’t make the show, call the office directly on +44 (0) 1707 290370.