IREX 2017

Toshiba Machine at the International Robot Exhibition (IREX)

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Hosting a colossal 100,000 attendees across 2,000 exhibition booths, attending the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2017 was certainly worth the jet lag. We’ve just about recovered from supporting Toshiba Machine at the show! Couldn’t make it yourself?

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick lowdown of the robots that were announced at the world’s largest robot event.

The main announcement for Toshiba Machine was the official release of the THE400 SCARA model, a low-cost but high performance industrial robot. The machine is just one of Toshiba Machine’s varied SCARA robot range — the most extensive selection of SCARA robots on the market.

The THE400 demonstration is available to view on the TM Robotics YouTube channel and more detailed product information can be downloaded on the TM Robotics website.

That said, the THE400 wasn’t the only robot to take to the stage at the show. The heavy-duty TH-A selection was exhibited alongside the TVM1200, one of our mid-sized 6-axis models and our new generation robot programming tool, TSAssist, was also demonstrated. All of the highlights from Toshiba Machine can be found down below.

Preparations are now underway for our 2018 exhibition calendar. If you can’t wait until then to find out more about our industrial robot range, give the team a call today.


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TM Robotics (Americas) Inc

755 Greenleaf Avenue,
Elk Grove Village,
IL 60007

Phone: (847)-709-7308


Meeting cycle time demands with the THE400

Increasing time-to-market pressures are creating a growing demand for fast-cycle automation. At IREX, Toshiba Machine demonstrated precisely how its SCARA model, the THE400, can help manufacturers deliver these high-speed cycle times at lower costs.

Demonstrated with a standard 2kg load, the machine delivered an impressive cycle time of just 0.39 seconds, retaining continuous operation while performing at its maximum speed.

The THE400 SCARA model is designed for applications where precision is key — think electronic equipment, automotive components and general assembly and inspection processes. At IREX, the THE400 demonstration exhibited the machine completing insert movements, as well as circular and linear interpolation movements, all while retaining a fast pace.

A video of the demonstration is available to view on the TM Robotics YouTube channel.


The next generation of robot programming software

The show also provided an opportunity to demonstrate Toshiba Machine’s TSAssist robot programming tool. The software provides powerful assistance to all phases of automation, from planning to installation and enhancement.

Its easy operation was demonstrated in action at IREX 2017, showing its initiative screen design and ribbon interface with customize-able operator panels — even absolute beginners find TSAssist easy to understand and more experienced robot users can use TSAssist for customisation.

The TSAssist datasheet can be downloaded here and more information can be found on the TM Robotics website.


6-axis automation using 3D vision systems

Toshiba Machine’s TVM range, part of its 6-axis offering, was also on display at the show. IREX’s demonstration included the TVM1200, the mid-sized model in the TVM range. The TVM1200 is capable of achieving a maximum reach of 1418mm, against a 15kg maximum payload.

The vertically articulated robot was combined with Toshiba Machine’s latest 3D vision system, TSVision3D — the combination of the passive imaging system with the 6-axis robot demonstrates the systems capabilities as an automated bin-picking application.

Requiring no CAD data, the TSVision3D software is ideal for picking non-uniform parts. To download a whitepaper on how the software can be used for bin-picking applications, click here.


TH-A cross-robot communication

The THE400 wasn’t the only SCARA model taking to the stage at the show. IREX also saw a demonstration of machine-to-machine communication between two of Toshiba Machine’s TH-A SCARA range.

Specifically designed for heavy payload applications, the TH-A range is marketed for heavy duty and high-speed applications.

The TH1050A and the TH1200A — the two largest of this range — were exhibited holding a 20kg payload and communicating with each other to avoid collisions.

This model is available in nine different models and the full range can be browsed on the TM Robotics website.